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are motorcycle insurance expensive?

Have you just bought a new motorcycle or want to change your motorcycle insurance company, here are a few tips to be covered in the best and pay less.

The factors that influence the price of motorcycle insurance, two-wheeler

The driver

The price of motorcycle insurance is determined by several criteria, according to your profile. The young drivers’ owners of the A2 licence holders pay more expensive than the experienced drivers. If it is not required to be a holder of a permit to conduct certain mopeds (vehicles belonging to the sub-category L1e of less than 50 cm3), the insurers regard their owners as less experienced and therefore more “at risk” that the holders of a motorcycle license. The women are also a population statistically less accident-prone: they will pay, therefore, less expensive.

The type of conduct will be analyzed. If you have received a penalty and are responsible for accidents, your insurance premium will be higher. Note that the offences of alcohol do not forgive, drivers who have been arrested for drunk driving or drug use will be strongly penalized.


are motorcycle insurance expensive,

All the bikes are not insured the same way. Contrary to popular belief, mopeds, low-power or scooters are not two wheels and are the cheapest to insure in France. Mopeds, easier to fly, are even more expensive to ensure that the scooters 125cm3.

On average, a trial, enduro, motocross or side-car is less expensive. Motorcycles cheapest to ensure they are in effect the recreational vehicle or the road, which is used more sporadically: the risk of accidents is decreasing. An owner of a roadster or sport bike will pay a higher price.

The power does not want to say everything: small-engined cars are more expensive to insure. This is explained by the fact that drivers of large cylindrés like a Harley Davidson are usually bikers seasoned, responsible for fewer accidents.

According to that the use of the two-wheeler is private or professional, the cost will vary; just as its storage, depending on whether your motorcycle is parked on the street or in a private garage. But again! Most insurers require that you stationed your two-wheeler in a closed parking lot. But in reality, the owners who parked their bikes on public roads are in fact paying less in premiums. Why? Because a meteor that passes the night at the shelter is often of great value.

The different types of formulas and warranties insurance

Your contribution amount depends on the formula for which you choose. Third-party insurance is the minimum addressing changes: you’ll be covered for the damage caused to a third party. The owners of old motorcycles no longer a coast-to-coast Argus high, and generally turn to simple liability insurance (another name used for third-party insurance).

To be more protected, you will have to purchase all-risk insurance, which covers you in the event of a road accident is liable or not liable. It is of course more expensive but recommended for new motorcycles, or of great value. For vehicles of collection, it is possible to opt for a motorcycle insurance collection that is best, and, often, less expensive.

You can also opt for a tailor-made cover, by adding options according to your personal case. These options include theft or attempted theft, glass breakage, and risk of fire.

Finally, your place of residence will play a lot. For the same profile, the same formula, the same benefits and the same bike, an inhabitant of Brittany will pay less than a resident of the Alpes-Maritimes. The departments of statistics of the flights and motorcycle accident risks. The differences can be large: in Seine-et-Marne, a motorcycle insurance average cost of 730 €, but 1079 € in Seine-Saint-Denis.

To make the right choice, it is advisable for the future subscriber to compare the insurance via a quote online bike.

What motorcycle insurance to choose?

An insurance comparison will give you a first idea. But don’t forget that it is up to the insurance company to accept or not to cover you!

Beware of attractive prices. Insurance is less expensive at first glance, but may in the end cost you depending on the franchise. The best insurance is the one that offers a good quality/price ratio. The deductibles will usually apply for physical damage caused to your motorcycle.

In the case of natural disasters (storms, vandalism, acts of terrorism, etc.), an insurer will not support the claim that two conditions: you must be insured effectively against this type of disaster and the disaster must be confirmed by a ministerial decree. The insurer will indemnify under two-to-three months.

Riding a two-wheeler without insurance: risks

If you have cancelled a contract, or just to get your grey card, you must ensure, regardless of the motorcycle. Since 1958, it is in fact prohibited from driving without insurance in France. In the case of a breach, you could: a maximum fine of 3,750 euros, a passage to the court automatic, or even a driver’s licence suspension of up to 3 years.

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