asset management company:role and pleasure

the asset management company’s gold assets are financial entities that manage the investments for the account of third parties. How to create?? Who controls them?

What is a portfolio asset management company?

The asset management company or company’s portfolio management (PMS) is an investment company that manages on behalf of its client’s portfolios of assets or property that supports them in their decision-making by providing them with a certain expertise in this area. Sti’s mission is to grow the investments of its clients, be they individuals, companies golden institutional investors, in proportion to the level of risk consented.

How to create a portfolio asset management company?

To become a COG, it must first request approval from the AMF (financial markets Authority). The application package should consist of several supporting documents :

  • the extrait K bis and the articles of association of the asset management company with its headquarters in France ;
  • the proof of the possession of social capital sufficient to carry out this activity ;
  • the copies of the identity documents of all shareholders and the amount of their participation in the share capital of the company ;
  • evidence of the competence of the leaders in this field, as well as documents describing the program of activities of the company ;
  • the proof of membership of a guarantee scheme of the titles.

Who approved the SGP?

When all the conditions are met and all documents are gathered, the AMF may issue a license, without which no society can engage in an activity of management, under the French monetary and financial Code. However, the GSP who do not manage collective investment and management service under the individual mandate under the control of a different status, which is approved by the Autorité de contrôle prudential et de resolution (ACPR).

What is a management firm?

An Asset management: definition and functionasset management company (SGA) is a management company specializing in the management of collective investment schemes (MUTUAL funds) such as mutual funds and MUTUAL funds (investment companies with variable capital). It is the single activity that it is entitled to carry on the securities market.

How to create asset company management?

The process of creating an asset management company is similar to that of a portfolio management company. Obtaining the approval of the AMF takes at least 2 months.

The management company and the AMF

The undertakings for collective investment established by an asset management company must be approved by the AMF. Subsequently, in the course of the activity, the financial markets Authority verifies all the information provided to the holders (performance, risk profile), and ensures long-term monitoring of these products, in particular in case of any changes. The MUTUAL funds approved are listed in the database GECO the AMF.

Property company management 

Real estate is a part of the assets that can be managed by a management company. When she is specialized in this particular field, it is called a property management company. The real estate investments involved are usually very large in size: tours of buildings, shopping centers, retirement homes, etc

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