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Auto insurance: the guide to learn more about insurance

In some circumstances, it is necessary to admit… One is tempted to ride without insurance! Some people are at risk and escape the authorities by chance. But if you happen to have a car accident? The law is very strict about this and the car can cause damage to others or be damaged by a third party. For all these reasons, it requires drivers to purchase a minimum of third-party insurance. In continuation of our administrative guide, learn everything you need to know about auto insurance!

Car insurance

Auto insurance: a legal obligation!

Car insurance is mandatory, since the act of February 27, 1958. It requires owners to insure their motor vehicles traveling on public roads, whether they are intended for the transport of persons or goods. Thus, if you own a car, a motorcycle, a truck, a trailer, a tractor, or a truck, don’t forget to subscribe to auto insurance which covers you for any damage caused to others. This obligation is taken up by the Insurance Code, in its article L211-1 as well as by the Code of the road in article L. 324-1.

What is the minimum subscription imposed by law?

The ” liability auto “, being the minimum required by law, the insurer who has caused damage is thus required to repair or compensate through its insurer. There is also talk of the ” guaranteed party “. It is a basic coverage against property damage, physical harm, or any accidental damage that may occur suddenly. Ensure your third-party payer is a way to pay for auto insurance is less expensive.

Who to address this type of formula?

If you hesitate in your choice and in your search for the best insurance possible, that adapts the best to your needs, here are the tracks of adequate profiles, which will help you in your future choice :

  • You have a used vehicle
  • You have an old car
  • You only use your car occasionally
  • You are a young driver

If you recognize yourself in any of these points, you may want to consider buying an auto insurance policy from a third party.

What other safeguards?

Since there are several cases of damage, the insured party may include in its contract other rights, which are optional, but necessary. It may be a warranty that covers the driver in the event of an accident or even a guarantee that he receives in the event of theft, breakage or fire. The insurance agencies are diversifying their offerings in order to meet all the expectations in terms of car insurance. The “all risks” is an offer that covers virtually all warranties!

Why opt for a contract all-risks auto insurance?

If you have the means necessary to enable you to sign a contract on your auto insurance, all-risk, here are the advantages that this will bring you :

  • You will enjoy the best guarantees: in the clear, you’ll be better assured!
  • If you just purchased a new car, or that you have a premium vehicle, it is better not to take any risks.

Driving without insurance: Penalties

Legally, what can happen if you drive without auto insurance?

Beyond the simple violation, driving without insurance or lack of insurance ” is an infraction of the law that can have several consequences.

The author of this offense was struck with a fine of 3,750 euros. This fine, once pronounced, may be subject to a multitude of sentences such as :

  • the license suspension or cancellation with a ban to get a new one for an average of three years,
  • the prohibition to drive certain types of land vehicles, motor for a period of up to 5 years,
  • the ability to perform work in the general interest,
  • the obligation to carry out an internship of awareness of road safety at its expense, or the confiscation of the vehicle.

The authors of a lack of insurance can be difficult to find a new insurer the result and the price of automobile insurance contracts are likely to climb.

For a car that is insured, it is up to the insurer to cover the civil liability of the owner and, therefore, to pay the compensation of victims in an accident.

In the absence of insurance, the regulation is a bit more complicated and can return a lot more expensive to the person responsible for the accident. In this case, the Motor Guarantee Fund will be in charge of the compensation of the victims. But the author’s responsibility is not clear, because, in turn, it will have to repay the FGA.

Practical issues relating to auto insurance

How much does it cost to subscribe to an auto insurance company?

Insurance costs depend on a number of factors. First, for drivers with less than three years of experience, or after three years of lack of insurance, a surcharge will be applied to the subscription for the next two years. It can go up to 100% of the basic contribution for third-party insurance and 50% in the second year if the insured has not been in an accident. It will be removed in the third year, provided that the insured has committed a fault accident.

Then, the car to ensure and type of use are also determinants. For new cars, high value, powerful cars, high capacity, and speed, as well as for cars that are used daily in a profession, the premiums are much higher because the risks are assessed as being larger than the average.

Finally, the area of traffic could also determine the rates of auto insurance. The major urban agglomerations are considered to be more exposed to potential accidents.

The simulation and comparison: what’s the point?

To find reasonable rates, you can compare the offers through the comparison sites online. These sites offer general information about the different types of insurance, as well as the covers of all genres, according to the formula on which the customer wishes to join. Any sort of insurers can be put in assessment, as well as the prices and products. To do this, you need to go online to complete a free form, by entering your contact information and the type of insurance desired. Then, the site will establish a list of offerings that match your criteria.

To decrease the cost of insurance, it is important to select the right formula that works for you and reduce the guarantees underwritten according to your needs.

To find THE right insurance online, it is thus necessary to make sure you have a good comparator! If you want to make a simulation to insure your vehicle, you can spend on a site like ours, in order to make your request online quotation for the following and determine which offer is best suited to your expectations.

If you are considered a young a permit, the choice of your auto insurance deserves careful consideration. To help you, you can find our 10 tips for finding a car insurance young driver adapted to your needs and inexpensive.

In case of refusal insurance companies receive the subscription, what do I do?

For those who have a tendency to chain together a series of accidents, or to accumulate offenses, finding a mutual may be impossible. An insurance company is free to accept as to refuse to conclude the contract of insurance. In a case of refusal, the insured may appeal to the Bureau Central de Tarification, an independent authority of the administration that has the power to compel an insurer, in determining the amount to be paid to the insurer that you have selected.

What is a car not on wheels?

If the law imposes securing his car, it is for a good reason: it can expose the driver, the passengers, and even the third party to potential hazards. By the way, this is not because he does not drive a vehicle that does not present a risk to all. Can happen, for example, a fire, an explosion caused by the remaining fuel, or the battery. This situation can also be injured or cause damage to others. Hence the interest to purchase at least a third-party insurance.

However, if you do not want to pay for the insurance, it is necessary that the car is no longer drivable, so without tires, without fuel or battery.

Can we borrow her car occasionally?

Generally, the insurance contracts include a clause to the ” ready to drive “, which allows the insured to move the steering wheel to another person with a valid driver’s license. The liability covered by the insurance is applicable to all drivers of the car. In this case, if an accident occurs, the insured can still use his auto insurance to repair bodily damage and property damage to others. However, the loan must be occasional and of short duration.

It is therefore quite possible to lend his car so exceptional and it is unnecessary for the occasional driver to subscribe to a form of personal insurance, the insurance of the main driver covering it already.

The key thing to remember

Now that you’re at the point on the risks incurred in the event of non-compliance with the law, remember that any new or used car purchased, requires in addition to car insurance, a certificate of registration… to achieve in the shortest time possible! Having made a comparison of insurance will offer you all the chance to pay a quote cheaper.

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