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Camping-car or camper van: which one to choose for travel?

You intend to invest in a vehicle that you will be wandering on the roads of inside and abroad ? Two main choices available to you : camping-car, or camper van fitted out. If the first is a reference in the field of road trip, the second has serious advantages, and often comes to the complicated time where you must choose between one and the other. Zoom in on these two vehicles, and their advantages and disadvantages, to help you see more clearly.


What are these two vehicles ?

Traveling in an rv or camper van built allows you to go where you want, always having a place to sleep and cook. It is an economical way to go on an adventure on the roads with the impression of travelling with your home.

Definition of the motorhome

The motorhome is a vehicle to which some people had a cult following. And for good reason : travelling in a campervan, this is from on the roads without skimping on comfort. Those travelling with the family, the often prefer to the van. On the one hand, the number of beds is often higher than in a van fitted out, and on the other hand, it features a true compartment toilet, much more practical when you have children.

Definition of the camper van

The camper van is a utility that was designed to allow you to live in, just as the van. The difference between these two vehicles is for the dimensions : the van is less high and less time consuming than the van. In both cases, these are vehicles very popular with solo travelers or couples, adventurers, because they are more compact and discreet than a camping-car. Compact and will not necessarily hand-in-hand with less comfort. In most cases, you get into a camper van for a place to cook, a place to sleep and a space toilet more or less developed. The living space is, however, less efficient than in a campervan.

How to choose an rv ?

Buy a motorhome presents some advantages, such as providing more comfort for your future road trips. Still need to know on what criteria will support you to choose the one that will meet your needs.

Know about different models of car camping

If you start to learn about the rv and the vans equipped, you certainly have caused you to realize that there are several models of motorhomes on the market. Among the most well-known finds :

  • camping-car capucine,
  • camping car profile,
  • the camper is made in full.

All have their advantages and limitations in their daily use. Camping car integral, for example, turns out to be an excellent choice for those who wish to take advantage of larger living spaces. It remains however the most expensive model of the three.

Points not to be overlooked

When you compare different models of motorhomes, some of the features that should grab your attention, including :

  • the engine and the payload of the vehicle ,
  • the capacity of water supply, electricity, etc
  • the types and the number of beds,
  • the interior of the kitchen and the toilet.

It is also advisable to pay attention to the insulation in the rv, especially if you plan to use it in the winter.

How to choose a van or a fourgon to travel ?

The van as the fourgon was built is often regarded as a low-cost alternative to the motorhome to move. This is a vehicle that is also less cumbersome and makes it easier to drive on mountain roads, for example.

Construction, van, or buy ready-made

You buy a utility and you like tinkering ? Preferring the van to camper, you can make fun and develop yourself. If you are unable to hang on a frame to your walls, leave the planning to a pro. In both cases, be sure to register in VASP (a self-propelled vehicle, a specialized GVW less than or equal to 3.5 tonnes). Please be aware that it is possible to directly buy a van fitted with brands of motorhomes in particular. The advantage with this solution is that you don’t have to worry about the registration VASP.

Think about the layout needed

Your needs for a trip will be different if you go as a couple, with one or two children, or even with a pet. It is necessary to ask the question of sleeping arrangements to provide, the need to have a toilet with a shower, etc, For example, the vans are very few to be able to be equipped with a shower, due to lack of space. The vans themselves usually offer enough space to accommodate a toilet, complete, WC included.

What is to be done in terms of maintenance ?

A camping-car as a van fitted must be maintained on a regular basis. This is essential to ensure your safety, the safety of your passengers and other road users.

Pass the technical control

The technical control is part of the obligations. It applies to all vehicles that are registered in the VASP on the grey map. If the GVW of the vehicle is greater than 3.5 tonnes, the technical control must be carried out in a centre for the heavy-duty. Regarding timelines :

  • the first control of the vehicle is to be done during the six months preceding the fourth anniversary of the first release of the vehicle,
  • every two years from the date on which has been realized on the first control.

As for a car, the technical control of your camping car (or your van is your initiative.

Maintenance daily

Whether you use your vehicle once per year or, on the contrary, every weekend, you need to make sure you maintain it. In order to preserve its running and you can extend its life. Think in particular to :

  • check the condition and pressure of tyres,
  • changing you (or a professional,
  • control the level of liquids,
  • make a waterproof control annually by a professional.

To know more precisely what you need to achieve as well as maintenance tasks on your vehicle and what is the cost that this implies, do not hesitate to ask the professional to whom you purchase your vehicle.

Driving an rv or a van : that is, what does that imply ?

All persons who are holders of the B permit can drive a motorhome or van. About the camping-car, the driving license B is sufficient if the total weight is less than 3.5 tonnes, and if there is no trailer to tow.

For parking (and always to the extent that your vehicle weighs less than 3.5 tonnes), you are considered a car. For you to park, be sure to observe the marking on the floor, as well as any rules laid down by the municipalities. Be sure to contact them prior to your visit to determine whether a reception area devoted to rv exists.

Whether behind the wheel of an rv or a van fitted out, always remember to follow the rules of the road and make sure all your passengers are properly secured, you also

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