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Can car insurance cover scratches on the car body?

The stripes on the body are claims particularly common, which can be very expensive to repair. That may be accidental or caused by a malicious act, the stripes can be supported by different guarantees on your auto insurance policy. To find out the conditions for support of the scratches on your vehicle, we make the point in detail on this claim.

Description of scratches on the bodywork of the car

Scratches on your car correspond to damage to the appearance of the vehicle: traces on the paint and body. This kind of loss can come from a collision, friction with a wall or a metal object, or a voluntary act with keys in particular. More or less large and visible, and the stripes are claimed, which are costly to the owner of the car.

Who are responsible stripes?

The person responsible is identified

The identification of the manager in a disaster is an essential element to be compensated. In the case where the scratches were caused by a third party, it is essential to establish a finding in agreement with the owner of the vehicle and the person responsible for the accident. Once the assessment and the responsibility are assigned to it, it’s the cover of the fault, which will be applied to cover the cost of repair.

If you are responsible for this claim (by rubbing with a wall hanging…), it will be necessary to refer to the terms of your contract to find out if you qualify for compensation. To cover the costs of repairs due to the stripes for which you are responsible, it is necessary to subscribe to auto insurance for all risks.

The head is not identified

This kind of situation is quite common. In fact, parked in the street, your car is not protected from any malicious acts. In case you don’t know either the cause or the author of this claim, it is then advisable to file a complaint against X for the position of police or the gendarmerie. This filing will enable you to submit an official document to your insurer.

Again, what are the terms of your auto insurance policy, which will allow you to benefit from a possible compensation? To be protected against this type of claim where the person is not identified, it is necessary that you have subscribed to warranty vandalism. In the absence of this warranty, the repair costs will be at your expense and the invoice can be quickly elevated (up to 700 € sometimes).

The statement of claim with the insurer

When the disaster is found, you have five days to send a registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt to your insurer. Depending on the case (if the responsible person is identified or not), the documents to be sent will not be the same :

  • Finding an amicable settlement in the case where the manager is known
  • Filing a complaint if the person responsible is unknown

To facilitate the process and to clarify the best use of your folder, you can attach your testimonials or photos of the damage to your post. Once your application has been registered, the insurer will instruct an expert, who will come and observe and assess the damage.

What is the compensation for scratches on your vehicle?

Once the claim is sent, the compensation will vary depending on the situation and the contract of insurance to which you have subscribed :

  • Third parties responsible identified: the civil liability of the third party shall bear the costs of repairs.
  • Third parties responsible are not identified and are not covered by the warranty vandalism: no compensation.
  • Third parties responsible are not identified and covered by the warranty vandalism: taken care of by the insurer with the application of a potential franchise remains the responsibility of the insured.
  • Covered by the collateral damage of the vehicle: in the event that you are responsible for the scratches you may be covered if you have a contract that suits you.

Note: depending on the contracts, the amount of the deductible may be more or less important. Think of you interested in it, to avoid unpleasant surprises.

What are the impacts on your auto insurance?

If the costs of repairs or franchises can cost you, know that this type of claim will not result in any increase in your insurance premium. Indeed, in the case where you are not responsible for this claim, your no-claim bonus will not be impacted by this disaster declaration. On the other hand, if you are responsible for the stripes and it is the collateral damage of the vehicle which is so applied, you will then increase more or less your insurance premium.

Note: in the case where you declare several times this type of loss over a short period (approximately 3 in a year), it is possible that the insurer does not wish to cover you and terminate your contract.

How to avoid scratches?

To avoid this kind of loss, it is necessary first of all to adopt conduct responsible and vigilant, especially in car parks where the risk of scratching your vehicle is most important. In addition to a vigilant behind the wheel, a few recommendations can help reduce the risk of scratches :

  • Park a good distance from other vehicles and avoid some of the vehicles in the vicinity (SUVs and minivans in particular).
  • Avoid areas frequented by children (school zone)
  • Follow the parking: do not park in two places or locations reserved
  • Avoid the sticker’s provocative
  • Avoid parking in areas deemed to be at risk
  • Opt for parking in a closed area and secure garage, private parking and monitored)

Choose a good coverage to cover the risk of scratches

If the scratches can be caused by bad conduct by you, the risk of scratches caused by a third party is also very real. To cover this possibility, it must subscribe to the appropriate safeguards.

Given that the repair costs for this type of loss can quickly be important, it is important to be covered by warranty vandalism that will offer you compensation less of a potential franchise.

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