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can i get temporary motorhome insurance?

Travel in motorhomes is often synonymous with outdoor adventure and total freedom. The icing on the cake, this accommodation can also prove to be effective compared to renting a house or hotel stays for the whole family… Like any land motor vehicle, a camping car must be insured, that you are the owner or you have rented. But you’re not going to buy motorhome insurance classic annually, it would not make sense… That’s why temporary motorhome insurance is the ideal solution.

We’ll see how the insurance temporary camping car, and then we will call you a few elements of the regulation on the RV. Then on the road!


Why take out motorhome insurance temporarily?

As the temporary motorhome insurance, motorhome provisional can and should respond to your specific needs, with a coverage period that can range from 1 to 90 days. The insurance companies have provided formulas for the day, formulas weekend, 3 days, 15 days, in the month… of up to 3 months, with a discount.

Note that it will cost proportionately more expensive to insure the vehicle for 24 hours for one week: if you are not sure of the exact period of time that you will be riding in your RV, opt for a length that is broad, it can be more financially advantageous.

Its effect is immediate, unlike insurance companies, an auto lambda imposes a waiting period (that is to say, the period during which the guarantees do not intervene in the event of damage to or loss). It is usually valid for 1 hour after purchase online.

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What is the guarantee for my temporary motorhome insurance?

The amount of the premium will depend on the cover options chosen. As it is considered that the driver does not necessarily have the habit of dimensions of an RV when driving, this term insurance is more expensive than car insurance temporary immediate, as the risk of accidents and collisions is increased.

By default, this insurance contains the minimum amount of coverage, i.e. third-party insurance (it only covers the physical and material damages relating to other people involved in a disaster, but not the driver of the motorhome, as well as passengers).

At Revital Insurance, we consider that it is too risky to be satisfied with this basic formula since the risks in the motorhome are many (for example, theft, because the real “home on wheels” to feed the lusts).

You will already be well covered with the formula in the middle: in addition to the civil liability, she proposes, for example, theft, glass breakage, or fire.

Finally, the complete formula is the all-risk insurance that offers assistance and repatriation, troubleshooting, insurance, 0 km away, and especially the support of the damage of the driver, even if he is the person responsible for the accident.

Other cover options can be added to your insurance motorhome temporarily, such as to ensure the contents of the camper (papers, money, personal belongings, and equipment).

Before buying insurance motorhome temporary


  • Make sure you check the amount of the deductible, especially if the price seems unusually low: for a camping car, the part that would remain, at your expense in the event of a disaster can quickly amount to more than 1000 euros! Please be aware that some insurance contracts, camping-car temporary offers for the repurchase of the franchise, to decrease or remove it entirely.
  • Look at the back of your green card what are the countries that you have the right to go through with this insurance some companies exclude voluntarily in some countries “at risk”. If the country in which you intend to travel is not covered by your insurance motorhome temporarily, you will need to take insurance in this country.

How is set the amount of the insurance premium?

The amount of the premium for your insurance motorhome temporary is set according to some criteria :

  • The duration of the warranty (declining prices)
  • The choice of warranties
  • The profile of the driver: age (usually forbidden young drivers had their license for less than 3 years), coefficient bonus/malus, and liabilities on the road
  • The characteristics of the RV: date of distribution, power, mileage, market value, brand…
  • The number of drivers in the camper

Did I rent my car camping: what insurance to choose?

Why take out temporary motorhome insurance?

If your insurance allows, it is possible to rent your motorhome for private use.

Your vehicle will be systematically covered by a formula, all-risk, temporary name of the tenant if you go through a rental platform between individuals. Pay attention to the detail of this warranty and all risks, it is necessary that it covers all risks, and not only the civil liability of the driver.

I’m a renter of an RV: how well I will be sure?

If you go through a professional landlord, you should know that insurance is always provided for in the contract, but its guarantees are often insufficient.

Having agreements with insurers, the professional landlord will offer you additional guarantees, but it will be wise to compare the prices with those of your insurer’s usual (including the deductible).

What you need to know when you’re camping-car

The motorhome can be driven with a B permit, there is no permit specific to this vehicle nomadic (except for vehicles over 3.5 tonnes).

You must respect the limits of the loading of the RV: the GVW (gross Weight load) figure on his grey card, just like the PVOM (weight to live in running order): by subtracting the PDOM from the PTAC, you will get the load capacity of the camping-car (or payload). Consider the weight of passengers, luggage, and equipment.

Of course, allowed in campsites, motor homes also allow you to camp freely, but only where cars can be parked, that is to say, not anywhere! If you are parked on the public highway, you do not normally have the right to exit your wedges and tables and chairs in gardens, except in the areas of the camping car.

Now you know everything about insurance motorhome temporary and the regulation of the RV. Have a good holiday and be careful on the road, we never repeat it enough!

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