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keep Car insurance by the day for a few days?

Do you use your vehicle? Are you renting a car temporarily? Be aware that there is Car insurance by-the-day contracts that allow you to cover a vehicle for 24 hours or a few days. This short-term solution proves to be wise in certain situations that do not require extensive insurance coverage. look for insurance explains it to you!

What is Car insurance by the day?

Car insurance by the day is a contract of insurance auto temporary. It allows you to cover your car for one or several days. This is the minimum time suggested by car insurers. In fact, it is not possible to maintain a car for a few hours.

auto insurance by the day works the same way that car insurance in the traditional way. Moreover, it offers the guarantee auto base that helps protect the vehicle at a minimum, the warranty liability, which is also called car insurance third party. As a reminder, the latter supports the property damage and bodily injury caused to a third person.

However, it is possible to purchase additional collateral if you want to further protect your vehicle. For example, it is advisable to buy car insurance, all-risk, especially if this is a recent vehicle of value.

Why take out a 1-day car insurance policy?
Insuring a little-used vehicle

As soon as a vehicle is moved gold is simply likely to be put in a state of walking, a cover including at a minimum, civil liability is mandatory. For sure, a car driving very little, the driver can turn to auto insurance temporarily specifying the period during which it wishes to ensure his / her vehicle. The duration of the validity of insurance temporarily ranged from a day to 90 days, according to the request of the insured.

Cover a rental car

The majority of the companies of the car rental offer their clients insurance coverage included in their offer. However, the subscriber has the right to opt for a formula car insurance best suited to its requirements, and that covers the duration of the rental. A contract self-provisional responds to the demand of motorists wishing to ensure that the time of a holiday or to travel abroad. After 3 days of validity, the formula auto allows the driver to travel outside of the borders of the hexagon by extending this coverage.

Opt for auto insurance by the day, therefore, may be interesting in the context :

  • A car rental self-service ;
  • A car rental between individuals.
  • A carpool;
  • A loan car.

A solution in the event of termination of the contract auto

Auto insurance 1 day represents a year alternative provisional for the conductors terminated from their insurance company, including for default of payment. The execution of a contract auto short-term allows you to stagger the maturities that were time-compressed and pay a premium auto with less importance. At maturity of the contract, the insurance coverage will end automatically: it is up to the insured to renew the insurance temporarily or opt for an auto insurance policy on the classic, to the extent possible.

How to take out Car insurance by the day?

To purchase a year of auto insurance in 1 day, you must meet certain conditions :

In addition, to be eligible to purchase this contract self, it is sufficient to submit to his insurance company the following supporting documents :

  • A copy of the registration of the vehicle to provide temporary ;
  • A copy of the driving license to travel on French territory ;
  • A copy of the statement of information of the subscriber, or failing that, a declaration on the honor of its history as an insured.

Auto insurance temporarily takes effect immediately after it is purchased.

How to find cheap car insurance for the day?

The price of car insurance for the day varies according to several criteria, such as :

  • The characteristics of the vehicle (model, price, age, etc.);
  • The profile of the driver (age, date of licensing, coefficient bonus-malus, etc.)
  • The type of contract is self-chosen ;
  • The coverages purchased.

Do you want to find an auto insurance policy is 1 day in and not expensive? You can also compare the different offers of the companies and auto insurance, and get quotes yourself to find the formula that best suits your needs!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is the advantage of car insurance by the day?

Car insurance in the day can protect your vehicle for a short duration. For example, this type of contract can be interesting if you use your car, rent a car or carpool.

Who can apply for auto insurance for 1 day?

In principle, everyone can purchase car insurance for the day. However, some companies’ auto insurance does not cover young drivers, which are considered risk profiles.

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