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Caravan or camping car: which one to choose? Strengths and weaknesses

The motorhome and caravan attract more and more of the Gent when they take the road of holidays. Combining the nomadic lifestyle in the comfort of your own home, these two means of transport have their advantages, but also disadvantages. How to make the choice between the two?

Camping car: a vehicle all-in-one

While one would be tempted to believe that the term “camping car” comes from the English language, it is in reality a false anglicism, as this word does not exist in the United States, or in England. Appearing in France at the beginning of the Twentieth century, the nature of these early prototypes is to mix skillfully comfort of camping in and that can move, such as cars, according to the desires and needs of the moment.

In fact, the facilities of a motorhome are specially designed to take advantage of life like at home, offering at the same time the possibility of taking the road when the driver and his company want to. This mode of transportation offers several advantages :

  • The sleeping rooms, with a double bed in the rear, and sometimes a berth in the nasturtium, which is located above the driver’s cab ;
  • A kitchen, which can include a sink, hob, oven, refrigerator, or freezer, with a coffee machine or a kettle ;
  • A toilet stall, typically composed of a sink, a shower cabin, and a chemical TOILET ;
  • A space meal, usually consisting of a small table and two chairs (or two small benches) ;
  • A water heater, with different power sources depending on the model.

The camper has so many good qualities, that allow combining the feeling of being at home, regardless of the place where it is located.

The caravan to travel light

Unlike the caravan, the caravan is independent of the vehicle, since it is pulled by it. There are a lot of models and types, from the most simple to the most sophisticated, the most mobile, and the most modern. She can be rigid axle, two-axle, folding, with pop-up roof, lowered, or even canvas.

Generally, a caravan contains the same equipment present in a campervan, namely, a bed, a kitchen, a shower, and a kitchen, but the size of these facilities and their presence differs again depending on the model. The caravan has its own identity and allows you to carry his house with the seasons and holidays in summer. It allows great freedom of movement, since it can be unhooked from the car, and the driver with its passengers can ride on roads that are steep and winding.

What to choose between the motorhome and caravan?

It finally appears that these two means of transport have their own qualities, and turn out to be beautiful and useful both for the summer travelers that for the people who want to abandon the sedentary lifestyle of the everyday.

Camping car: in peace

The campervan offers the advantage of being present in a block, with a comfortable fit that allows you to travel in complete serenity. With strong thermal insulation and a battery life long-lasting, it is ideal for people who want to browse the campaigns and the tourist places without having to undergo the hassles of habitat related to this activity.

The freedom of movement of the caravan

The caravan allows more flexibility and lightness in the discovery related to the holiday. If she can only submit as many facilities as its cousin, the RV, it has nevertheless within it necessary to live and sleep on the roads in summer. Without being a burden to the vehicle, the trailer can be registered for a few days in a campground for example, if travelers need to lighten their car to take the road to certain destinations.

The choice between these two real houses rolling depends, among other personalities of each individual, on the needs, the desires expressed in the conveyance wanted, in agreement with the budget to purchase pre-defined. Fuel consumption obviously depends on the model chosen, depending of its weight, and the number of facilities available.

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