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GPS for a motorcycle: How to choose?

Tired of missing an intersection or getting lost in the city? Want to find the thrill of adventure? GPS for a motorcycle, a navigation device designed specifically to meet the needs of bikers, is for you. Look for insurance that accompanies you to choose from.

What is a GPS for a motorcycle?

The GPS for a motorcycle is the best friend of the biker. Left behind in the car in favor of the smartphone, the GPS remains, however, an indispensable accessory for motorcycles. Screen fit, stability, and resistance to weather, it accompanies you on all your journeys by providing you with unique features and specifications.

Thought to make life easier, without interfering with driving, the GPS bike allows you to quickly find a petrol station or a restaurant, and steer you well in the city, on the road, in France as well as abroad.

Finally, equipped with the latest functions, it will wake up your inner adventurer: the choice of the level of difficulty on the course, returning by a different route from the get-go, a selection of your favorite places, ride along the coast, etc to really spice up each of your trips and share your lovely creations with other users.

Good to know :

Voice guidance is essential for your safety. Learn more about intercom motorcycles, and accessories essential to communicate.

The benefits of a GPS motorcycle

Practical, smart and multi-functional

GPS for motorcycles can be used easily, even with gloves on. Usually, with an anti-glare screen, it ensures optimum visibility of the path to follow. The trips are customizable and updating real-time traffic helps you avoid traffic jams.

Most models connect to your phone via Bluetooth or a dedicated application. You can receive calls and notifications or listen to music. Furthermore, new features ensure your safety and security, such as alert fatigue, or the detection of corners and passages that are particularly dangerous for two-wheelers.

Resistant and resilient, to follow you everywhere

Trail in the mud, splashing gasoline, rain, direct sunlight, heat, cold… Everything resists it. The GPS bike is robust and designed to accompany you everywhere, even in the most difficult conditions. They are also very stable. Jolts and vibrations are weak, or even non-existent, ensuring you great convenience in viewing your route.

More powerful than a smartphone

If the purchase price is stopping you and you’re tempted by the installation of a smartphone holder, consider that the danger is two-fold. A, your laptop is not made for this use, and may not survive repeated exposure to UV rays and rain. Two, the risk of falling is real, for the camera and for you. When you try to catch up while driving, the smartphone slips out of its socket, you may lose control of the vehicle.

Connect a GPS on a motorcycle

GPS with autonomous power supply

Most of the GPS for motorcycles on the market are equipped with a stand-alone terminal, that is to say, they work with a built-in battery, including the battery life is variable depending on the model. Depending on your use, short trips, or trips of several days, make sure that the battery life of the device you’re interested in is sufficient. The battery of the GPS may take a few hours to an entire day.

Good to know :

It is possible to buy additional batteries to extend the use of your browser.

GPS with power from the battery motorcycle

Other GPS does not have a self-powered and require a connection to a 12 V socket (type cigarette lighter) or a USB port to be connected to the battery. However, some bikes are not equipped. Don’t worry, install the mechanism on your gear is easy, fast, and inexpensive. For ten euros, you can buy a kit to set up your shot.

Set their GPS with a GPS support motorcycle

The mounting kit is usually included in the purchase because the cradle (the part which encloses the GPS) is often specific to the model of the device. The support GPS motorcycle must be securely fastened with a screw, which she also provided. Then you have to do is drag the GPS in his cradle and ride your two-wheeler for new adventures.

There is always a way to install your navigation system, and this, regardless of the type of your motorcycle: roadster, sports, trial… Handlebar, bar mount, mounting, or bubble column direction, the possibilities are many. Determine the place that disrupts the less you drive, where your eyes won’t leave the road for too long, and where the device is the most protected.

A GPS for a motorcycle can be easily removed from its cradle, and you can take it with you to avoid the volume On the mounting bracket, some models offer additional security by being lockable.

Criteria for the purchase of a GPS

Look for insurance you list the criteria to be taken into account to choose your GPS bike without deceiving you :

  • Seal ;
  • Screen size sufficient ;
  • Frequency and cost of the update of the maps (lifetime monthly, monthly,…) ;
  • Availability of the cards according to your needs (France, Europe…) ;
  • Possibility of voice guidance by connecting the headphone sound ;
  • Autonomy of the device ;
  • System anti-reflective coating ;
  • Possibility of use with gloves ;
  • Size of the device and mounting compatible with your motorcycle ;
  • Anti-theft system.

The council Looks for insurance:

The best GPS bike is one that is suitable for your use (urban travel, road trip, sports output, etc). Compare the models according to your criteria priority and choose the one that fills up your expectations.

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