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how does student insurance work?

At the time of entry into higher education, insurance needs are the same as in high school. University, internships, learning, trips abroad… so many things to be taken into account in the choice of his insurance student. So, should we buy insurance for school students? Is it mandatory? What is the price of insurance for a student?

Who to address student insurance?

how does student insurance work

After high school, we are no longer dealing with student insurance but insurance student insurance or university. It provides coverage for all that it could happen during time in school, and then university.

After you graduate, you’re probably going to start a new phase of your life, with a new home, a personal vehicle… so Many changes that require the insurance dedicated to it. All the more that, depending on the case, you may not be able to be covered by the Civil Liability coverage (RC) of your parents ‘ home insurance.

Insurance university allows you to cover your Liability, but also your individual guarantee in the event of an accident (in case of damage caused by yourself or without a third party). You can as well anticipate the different stages of your student life, such as internships and travel abroad. Thus, if you cause damage or you are undergoing, you will be taken care of.

Insurance student is also involved in addition to Social Security and insurance for the reimbursement of health costs. It can also cover if you practice a sports activity (under certain conditions).

According to the insurers, you can also benefit from additional guarantees:

  • coverage if you are doing the baby-sitting on an occasional basis;
  • psychological support in the event of harassment;
  • legal assistance;
  • capital helping you to pursue your studies if you are required to repeat a year because of an accident prevented you present yourself to the partials.

The student insurance is mandatory for students?

No, you’re not required to be covered by student insurance specifically to enroll in a higher education institution (college, private schools, etc.). On the other hand, you must be covered under the Liability, either via student insurance or not. Most of the time, your home insurance ensures that risk. A certificate of insurance student will generally be requested at the time of your registration at your school or your university. In this case, you can turn to your home insurance company or school, according to the securities, to which you have subscribed.

So you are staying with your parents during your studies and you were previously covered by their contract as home insurance, you should check the terms of their insurance policy that you can continue to benefit from this insurance even if you have more than 18 years of age (and if yes, until what age).

If you move out of your parents ‘ home at the beginning of your studies, you will probably have to buy home insurance for your new home. Make sure then that this contract will also cover the RC (it is normally a legal requirement, but it also depends on the type of accommodation you choose).

How to obtain a certificate of Liability insurance from a school and university?

The certificate of Civil Liability at school and university is the document that proves that you have subscribed to coverage that covers this risk during your year at school or university.

This certificate will be provided to you at the time of the signing of your insurance student. If you have lost it, you can request that your insurer publish a new one.

If you do not have insurance, student-specific, and you are covered through your home, then this process will need to perform from your home insurance.

Generally, the sending of the certificate of insurance is very fast. In many cases, the certificate can be downloaded directly online from the space provided.

If you don’t have insurance or those that you have does not cover you on third-party Liability coverage, then the only way to obtain this certificate will be for insurance for a student. If your budget is limited, don’t worry: for a few tens of euros per year, you may be covered!

How much is insurance for a student?

The rates of the insurance school student, are highly variable and depend on your insurer and the type of contract chosen: Civil Liability and warranty personal accident, coverage for overseas placements, contracts grouped including home insurance, etc

To give you an overview of the rates, Réassurez me present to you here a few examples of insurance offer student:

What insurance student to choose?

The choice of your insurance for the duration of your studies depends on your situation and your budget: if you are staying with your parents, if you have your own vehicle, if you are learning, an internship in France or abroad. Depending on this, you will obviously not need the same guarantees. It is therefore important to compare the different offers to choose from for her student insurance student.

The student insurance student may be purchased either with an insurer classic or with a mutual student (offers typically include the insurance university, in addition to their specific guarantees). Pay Attention to not looking only at the price of your subscription. Focus on a student insurance cheap watch without warranties may prove to be costly in the event of a disaster.

What insurance student for an internship?

If you do an internship during your studies, you’ll mostly need Liability insurance. In fact, if the insurance from your employer covers you for accidents that may happen to you in your workplace and on your trips, this does not cover accidents and other damages that you may cause. Liability insurance is required. You will also be required at the signing of the convention of course.

If you do your internship abroad, it is advisable to buy insurance student dedicated, providing such guarantees in the event of hospitalization or medical repatriation. Most insurers offer this type of contract, which can be subscribed to only for the duration of your internship.

If you’re usually covered by the RC of your parents ‘ home insurance, make sure that it also applies to your professional activities.

Home insurance is for a student, is it sufficient to cover his studies?

how does student insurance work

Home insurance includes a party’s Liability included in all contracts of insurance housing. If this warranty is also part of the safeguards present in all lines of insurance for the student, it provides coverage limited, however. In fact, it only allows compensating the third party to whom you may cause damage to corporals or equipment.

On the other hand, for all the claims to you, you will not get any support. It is for this reason that insurance student is particularly recommended. In fact, in the case of an accident, theft, or property damage, you will be taken care of by your insurance student. This is related to your hospitalization costs, the repair of damage to property, or assistance in case of a disability, it will be she who will be at your side.

Although it is not always mandatory, it may be asked in the case of travel abroad, internship, or apprenticeship. Both prevent and ensure from the beginning of the year! For a few tens of euros per year, you will have protection on a daily basis and will be able to enjoy your student life serenely.

To summarize, it is advisable to buy insurance student dedicated rather than just a home insurance policy…

What kind of insurance for an apprentice or a student job?

As an apprentice, you are both a student and an employee. Most of the contracts school universities provide for this situation, and you cover. You are also deemed to be an employee of the company and are therefore covered by the insurance from your employer for the duration of your presence in the company, during your course at the CFA, for accidents or damage that you may suffer during your trips to places of learning.

Insurance student allows you to be covered by Civil Liability (because the accidents that you may cause do not usually fall under the coverage from your employer) and can offer guarantees in case of theft and/or damage to your property. In addition, it can often offer you additional coverage for your medical expenses.

Your employer may possibly offer you complementary health. Your student insurance student will be able to again play for the costs which are not covered by this add-in.

If you have purchased insurance for school and college for your education and you are working in parallel to your course, make sure you check the terms of your insurance policy. Some contracts do you cover your tuition and your private life (and sometimes for your training courses provided in your curriculum), but not for your professional life. On the other hand, the insurance your employer covers you during your working time, and your journeys.

You should ensure that you have Civil Liability insurance in all situations, for full coverage!

Is there insurance student for specific students?

Yes, there are insurance contracts specifically dedicated to students. The offers are not exactly the same as in the insurance contract-school classics, because the needs of the students are not the same as those of high school students.

Some insurers allow you to extend your insurance school classic to your studies, often up to an age limit (age 24, for example). If you want to extend the contract of the insurance school that you had in high school, be sure to verify its conditions: after 18 years, certain warranties may be modified, such as the payment of the deductible of the insurance school, for example.

Other companies offer contracts for so-called ” students “, offering blankets, both for courses and seminars. There are also contracts grouped specially created for students, allowing you to be ensured both for your course, your home, and your car.

What is the difference between a student insurance university and an LMDE?

The LMDE (The Mutual Students) has a goal to complete the repayments of Social Security for various healthcare costs. It only applies to students. Like other mutual students, LMDE has developed complementary offerings, such as Civil Liability, warranty, personal accident, and legal protection…

A student has the choice between an insurer classic and a mutual student as the LMDE to ensure during his studies. To choose between one or the other, it all depends on the situation of the student. One thing is for sure, it is advisable to be covered by health insurance for the best medical care reimbursement.

However, as a student, it is often possible to continue to benefit from the mutual of your parents, especially if you continue to live under their roof. In this case, it is not necessarily useful to buy other mutual health. Then you can turn to an insurer classic school.

If however, you do not have the benefit of the mutual of your parents, a mutual student may be interesting to you, especially regarding rates. However, be aware that this type of mutual offer is not usually home insurance or auto insurance. You’ll need to buy these other contracts with an insurer different.

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