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How to choose your first motorcycle?

You have successfully completed a motorcycle license and you have only one desire: to buy your first car and test it on the roads. Attention, if you want to choose your first motorcycle is an important step that should not be overlooked. Power, weight, usage, price: discover the main criteria to take into account to make the right choice.

What power to choose for his first motorcycle?

Even if you have completed a certain number of driving hours to get your motorcycle license, you don’t have yet all the driving reflexes. A motorcycle powerful, therefore, is not yet fully specified for starting on the road, without a driving instructor.

Power plays a role in the top speed of the bike and in the ability of an engine to continue to accelerate. Result: if the engine is powerful, the bike is going very fast and its reactions can be difficult to handle for a young motorcyclist. If you are a young driver’s license holder A2, you will not have any way to choose between models not exceeding 35 kW (or 47.6 ch.).

To have the right to drive more powerful motorbikes, you’ll have to wait two years after the completion of the A2 license and pass a training additional 7 h in bike school. This training serves to validate the license and gives you access to a wide choice of more powerful bikes.

Choose your motorcycle depending on the weight

When one starts on a motorcycle, the weight of the engine may require a certain technical control to find the right balance point. It is therefore better to avoid choosing one that’s too heavy for you. You must be able to maneuver the bike to a stop, the park, and circulate around the small streets. But be careful not to take a motorcycle too lightly either, because you might have a hard stop when it will be launched at full speed.

How will you use your first motorcycle?

Having a motorcycle license is good. Know your frequency of use, it is better. Will you be using your bike every day to get to work, for example? Or just to escape for a weekend? Are you going to ride mostly in the city or on the roads? Do you plan trips on mountain roads? Your travel will be short or long?

To choose the motorcycle is the most suitable when one begins it is not necessary to neglect these issues. They will result in scratching some models off your list.

If you want your motorcycle to use only occasionally on roads, then point you instead to a model of road, with better comfort and a good fit. If you’re more the type to cross the city at rush hour to go to work, so it will be better to opt for a motorcycle compact that does not exceed 200 kg. You can direct you to a motorbike roadster, without a shroud, for example. For walks and sports in the mountains or in the countryside, you need a motorcycle that is both flexible, comfortable, and nervous. You can head to a bike trail or supermotard.

Good to know

If you are considering traveling with two, take this criterion into consideration and choose a motorcycle with a seat ergonomically designed back for your passenger. Beyond comfort, also think of the power of the bike, which should be high enough to support the weight of two people. It is better to choose the models twin or the displacements above 750 cc.

What kind of budget do you have?

As often it is the budget that will allow you to guide you toward a motorcycle model in particular. When you set up your envelope, don’t forget to include in your calculation the daily budget of the template that you want to buy. How much does it cost the insurance for your bike? Consumes-t-it a lot of fuel? How much will it cost her her regular maintenance? All of these questions allow you to narrow down your choices without breaking the bank. So take the time to do it before buying.

Should we opt for a new bike or a used one, to begin with?

The budget will allow you to know your options in terms of purchase: will you be able to provide yourself with a new bike or a used one? Depending on your budget, we will be able to refer you to a bike model used, which is less expensive to sell than a new bike.

Another advantage is that a motorcycle of opportunity: is often less expensive to insure, because of the discount. However, be careful not too latent defects that may exist. For you to protect yourself, please do not hesitate to try the bike with a nearby expert in the field.

If your budget allows you, and especially if you want your motorcycle to be heavy use and regular, it is better to refer you to a new bike, less prone to possible technical failures.

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