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How to ensure a motorhome: what you need to know

Going on holiday in a motorhome is often a synonym for freedom. But to take full advantage of the pleasures of the road, it is mandatory to insure your vehicle, even if you only use it a few weeks a year. Terms and Conditions, bonus amount, guarantees, discover everything you need to know about insuring your motorhome, before purchase.

What conditions must be met to ensure a motorhome?

A motorhome is a vehicle of category 2, which may be driven with a B permit when it is less than 3.5 tonnes. Insurance for motorhomes moves logically from that of a light car.

How are calculated the insurance premium and contributions?

As for an auto insurance policy for a light vehicle, the amount of the insurance premium of a motorhome, as well as the contributions are calculated as a function of different parameters :

  • the value of your motorhome,
  • it’s brand and model,
  • the features it has,
  • the driving record of the insured.

What are the guarantees minimum to have in a contract for an insurance motorhome?

the insurance company offers, in general, four different formulas of insurance-camping-car: Third-party, Third-party-vol-fire, All-hazards, All hazards more. Each of these formulas includes at a minimum :

  • civil liability: covers the insured in the event of an accident responsible, and indemnifies the potential property damage and/or injury caused to the third parties ;
  • the legal protection result of an accident: this warranty intervenes to defend the rights of the insured in the event of litigation or a claim following an accident ;
  • assistance to the vehicle and to the persons to be transported: the insurance company is by your side in the event of a blackout of a distance from your home and in the event of an accident ;
  • warranty of the driver: in the case of personal injury, this warranty comes into play and compensates you for up to 3 million euros.

All four of these warranties are in addition to any other warranties that you can take in option, or by subscribing to a form of insurance motorhome All risk or Any risk.

What safeguards are necessary?

In addition to the four safeguards contained in the insurance contract camping car of your insurance company, it is essential to check if certain safeguards are included or as an option in the selected formula. Given the value of your motorhome, and the number of repairs for this kind of vehicle, it is strongly advised to take the following guarantees :

  • broken glass: a broken pane of glass is quickly arriving. With this warranty, the cost of repair or replacement is supported ;
  • damage accidents – vandalism: damage in the event of an accident or vandalism is compensated ;
  • accessories and fittings: if you have fitted out the interior of your campervan, these facilities are reimbursed in the event of damage, between 1 000 € 4 000 € ;
  • personal effects transported: a break-in and all your possessions have been stolen? This warranty is to cover damages of up to € 5,000. A deductible will be deducted.

Other warranties may of course be added to this list is not exhaustive. Ask in the branch or get a quote online to find out more.

What insurance does the motorhome choose?

For complete coverage, and even more so if your RV is new, it is advisable to opt for All-risk insurance or All risk. In all cases, the insurance contract camping because it adapts to the needs of the insured. Options can be arranged depending on the use of the vehicle, and the possible risks incurred.

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