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How to save money to become rich?

Are those of you interested in the topics of personal empowerment and financial independence, and How to save money to become rich? you had to fall on a lot of items and gold online sites that you promised to become rich from scratch. Type: “get rich with 1 euro per month”, or “how to win his first million without capital”. While it may seem very attractive, I guarantee you that you’re going to be disappointed. It never leaves anything when you start to invest.

Then, how when, like me, you don’t come from a wealthy family to millions? You save! Today, we are going to start from the basis of personal enrichment: how to save money to become rich and earn financial freedom. How to build a start-up capital when it was nothing? Wholesale how to make more money? No bullshit, I give you all the tips to work.

Visualize your capital and its evolution

My first piece of advice to get there is to stop spending too much and begin to save before you earn a lot of money. Try to track your expenses with accounting software. Nothing complicated: just make a table in Excel to visualize your expenses and your income. Keep receipts, organize them by category, and make graphics. This will allow you to make weekly reports, monthly, and quarterly, and easily compare your situation. You’ll see, there’s nothing better than to become aware of your true expenses and reduce them. It is also very motivating to see on your bank account that the efforts are paying. No secret: the small amounts make big money!

Identify the positions of economies

Saving is a habit, a small reflex daily. No need to spend time on gold to collect the purchase orders to replenish his savings account. Without depriving yourself of all, try to find the small or big expenses of everyday life that you are losing money. For example, the 3 tips :

  • go see the side of your subscriptions. We all have a day taken a subscription to a gym, a tv channel, a newspaper… Is this service really useful? Is it that you use it every day, every week, every month? Ask yourself the right questions, and cancel the ones you no longer use.
  • don’t go out more systematically with your credit card. The blue cards make the payment very easy, a little too much elsewhere. At the end of the day, we do not know how it was spent. Remove and pay with the liquid. This will make you aware of what you depend really.
  • Think of the rental and not a purchase. Is it that you really need a drill on a daily basis? A 2nd car? Has the following 3 documents? Thanks to the platforms of exchange between particulars, it is possible to virtually rent gold borrow.

Save the difference, you will see that it is not negligible! Personal wealth comes by a snowball effect: you can start from scratch and increase your income gradually.

Reserve a portion of your salary

As soon As you receive your wages, put a hand to the side. It can vary according to the amount that you touch, goal, even the smallest one, it counts. You say, surely you will not win much, you already have too many bills to pay to put them directly on your salary. Let’s take the example of a salary of 1000 euros. If you take 10%, this represents 100 euros, or about 3 euros per day: your life does not suffer. Does it seem to always be infeasible? You will never be without contribution. Think about your goals, you can get there if you’re strategic.


Save, it is good, to make something of his savings, it’s better! Keep in mind his goal: money is a tool, not an end in itself. This kind of positive thought gives a mind rich. Accumulating for “later” is not the wisest choice. In the words of Keynes: “in the long run we are all dead “. The money is also made to live, to realize his dreams and his projects. Then it is necessary to gain self-confidence, get out of his comfort zone and take action.

And you, what are your tricks to save money and increase your starting capital? What have you invested? Share your experience and comments under the article!

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