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how your car insurance covers you abroad?

My auto insurance cover me-does it in the same way, regardless of my destination?

No. Before you go abroad with your vehicle, it is essential that you inform your insurer of the territorial validity applicable to the insurance of your auto depending on the country in which you are traveling. In effect, the contract may provide no guarantee as to the civil liability, even when you have a contract with your insurer and “all risks” insurance. For certain destinations which more is, be aware that you are likely not to be covered at all and have to buy specific auto insurance locally. Beyond that, be vigilant with respect to the term–limited in the time – this warranty and abroad.

How to simply know the list of countries covered by my car insurance?

The easiest way to know the list of destinations for which your auto insurance covers you in the event of a disaster is to refer to the international motor insurance card commonly called a ” green card “. The green card or “certificate of insurance” must not be confused with the butterfly green, or ” certificate of insurance “, the famous sticker that is affixed on the windscreen of a vehicle. The green card lists the countries for which your car insurance is valid. Conversely, the countries whose names are explicitly striped destinations are excluded from the scope of coverage of your insurance contract.

What are the risks covered by my insurer abroad?

 Well, obviously, the risks covered are correlated to the type of collateral to which you have subscribed. In the case of a vehicle is only covered for civil liability, the insurance will pay only for the damages caused to third parties. On the other hand, if the insured is a formula of warranty provided, including the “all risks” coverage, it is not certain that the extent of such warranties is applicable to the foreign. Depending on the country visited, but also the general conditions relating to your contract, these other warranties than that under the civil liability may not come into play.

What other points of my contract insurance must I have to check before my departure?

 beyond The risks to be covered by your auto insurance, it may also be useful to bring you closer to your insurer to clarify with him a number of other points. For example, in the case of theft or accident, your vehicle, your insurance will take care of the towing of the vehicle? The repatriation of passengers, or the vehicle? The accommodation costs for the duration of the repair? Eventually, a driver for the repatriation of the vehicle and its occupants?

When moving abroad, what are the documents needed to always keep with you?

The certificate of insurance, and the insurance certificate, are two essential parts to keep on hand, and this, both in France and abroad. In principle, it is not necessary to apply for his green card to the borders of the countries of the EEA, namely the 28 countries of the European Union as well as Switzerland, Andorra, Iceland, and Norway. However, keep in mind that the presentation of these two documents is indispensable in the event of an accident. Beyond that, it is recommended to dispose of the details of his insurance company with itself in order to be able to contact you in the shortest possible time in case of need.

What do I know of determination, the European accident?

This amicably shall be valid for the entire territory of the European Union. Outside the borders of this space, it should be used with caution, as not having the same legal value, depending on the destination. A report of the European accident can be provided to you by your insurer prior to your departure. It must, of course, be completed in the fairest and most comprehensive as possible; each driver is a party to the accident to have a copy. Note that this observation can be written in any language of the Union, including French, of course.

What are the reflexes clever to have in case of a disaster car abroad?

in addition to the finding of the European accident, which may in part be pre-filled prior to your departure; in some cases and for certain destinations, it is also advisable to get a record will be written to local authorities. Beyond that, in the event of damage to self, remember to obtain the maximum amount of evidence of the accident: photos, articles in the local press, medical certificate, testimonials with the contact details of the people we… also be sure to keep all the invoices relating to the repairs carried out on site. Always keep in mind that you will have to make proof with your insurer of the reality of the accident.

I rented a vehicle abroad. What details of the rental contract do I have to pay attention to?

In the case of more distant destinations, you may need to hire a car on the spot. In this case, think carefully read the conditions of your rental agreement. Does the latter include insurance or free for the plan you pay? Similarly, be alert to the amounts of the exemptions or take heed to the contracts, leaving the lessor the right to claim against you as a result of an accident. You may also consider playing the legal assistance of your credit card in the event of a dispute, a service from which you’re likely to benefit regardless of the fact that you have solved this rental with a card or not.


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