Rental management: the owners you need to know

You are the owner or are going to purchase an apartment or a house that you intend to hire. Only here. Finding the right tenant, to assume the rental management of your property, day after day, seems to be a major concern, time-consuming, absorbing in terms of time, and, do you think, requires knowledge of legal, tax, and financial.

The simplest solution would be to give the rental management of the property to a professional who will take care of everything, for a fee, of course.

Not sure, however, that the rental management pay is the only alternative that is good enough. Do not rush to decide. Soothe your worries and your doubts, and not forgetting that millions of “small” owners manage their own rental housing, including those who have several.

Made quickly a scale with two columns, one for the advantages, the other for the inconvenience, choose the solution which offers the most advantages, depending on your personal situation, career, finances, and family.

Do not forget that it simplifies the rental management by the individuals using computer software rental management, simple, effective, and not necessarily overpriced. Best Internet sites, such as offer the benefit of full-service rental management with, for example, automatic shipments to the tenant of the rent receipts, notice of maturity, reminders, letters of regularization charges, application for certification of home insurance…, for a small fee (7.50 euros per month in Management Center)

The question of rental management also arises as to the owners of the walls of shops and other commercial premises. Again, you can manage them yourself, using the commercially available software or sites Web, specialized in assistance to rental management online.

Rental management the owners you need to know

Rental management is totally free or almost

Unlike a distorted idea spread, the rental management of housing (not to be confused with the mission of the trustee of a building that is more complicated) is not so complex, even to those who is not a specialist in anything real estate.

Managing your own or your rental units has the advantage of being totally free. By performing the follow-up of the rental, you will quickly know any small tiles that can fall.

In a direct relationship with the tenant, you will have in real-time all the information concerning the rental management of the leased property, such as unpaid rent, the need to carry out work or repair that the right rental places at the expense of the lessor, any nuisance caused by your tenant or, on the contrary, the disorders of enjoyment that he is getting from the other residents of the building. Take you-even the rental management of your rental property requires small qualities within the reach of everyone: have the order and classify carefully all that relates to the leased property, including deeds, contracts, bills, notes of the trustee, and letters sent and received.

For a rental management performance, it must not be a fan of procrastination, you know, this tendency to put everything back the next day. In terms of rental management, delay and indecision are not forgiven.

The best solution, one that combines simplicity, efficiency, safety, and low cost, is undoubtedly the one which is to manage yourself by using the services of a specialist Internet site (see above).

Managing yourself well is not forbidden to call a professional in a timely manner. You can as well hire a professional real estate researcher and the selection of the tenant.

It will ensure the reality of the income of the prospective tenant and will proceed to the other checks in the framework of what the law allows 89-462 on the rental income. In addition to software rental management in the form of ” a ” offering acts and contracts printable, there is also paper in the bookstore forms ready to use, including the residential lease in accordance with the laws and regulations in force.

Map of rental management for the professional

After mature reflection, it appears that, due to lack of time or motivation, the rental management of your property does enchant you not more than that. Not serious, it is enough to find a serious professional and competent people who will do things to your place, upon payment of a fee. It did not matter who and no matter how. In fact, in the words of the Hoguet law (recently amended) on the exercise of the real estate business, the professional who wishes to make of the rental management is required to hold a professional card issued by the Chamber of commerce and industry –CCI- (formerly the Prefecture) with the statement ” Management of real estate “.

The professional must have a financial guarantee to indemnify their customers, if his business is slowly collapsing, and a civil liability insurance policy which will take care of the consequences of his mistakes, negligence, and other beads.

Ask for a certificate showing that he is up to date with the payment of his contributions from the society of financial guarantee and liability insurance. Because it may be in order during the delivery of his business card and subsequently cease to be no setting more of its contributions. This is not an assumption of primary school, this situation occurs sometimes.

Preferably, choose a professional based in the vicinity of your living spaces, home, or work. The great distance is a source of complication when relationships go wrong, or less well.

Among the professionals of real estate, as in all professions, there are serious people, and others much less. Run your mouth to the ear to find the professional that suits you. Don’t forget that you agree with your heritage by entrusting the rental management of the property to a third party.

Negotiate the term of rental management

After you have found the right professional, you are going to sign a contract, a term in legal jargon, that meets the articles 1984 to 2010 of the civil code, as well as the Hoguet law n° 70-9 and its implementing decree n° 72-678. In practice, the professionals use the terms real estate management, the clauses of which are prérédigées that they complete at the time of signature. Open the eye and good to read it all, while scrutinizing your head rested in you.

If in doubt, do not ask the professional to the point that you’re annoyed, also check with another source for the veracity of his explanations. In addition to the mandatory information, the terms of rental management specify the scope of the tasks that you intend to entrust the professional and are limited to some of the usual administrative actions, that is very complete, including any rental management. The contract lord does not exist in French law, the term estate management is concluded for a specified period of time, usually one year, renewable by tacit renewal automatically without the intervention of the parties. You can terminate (terminate) the mandate of property management at each anniversary date, respecting the notice of rental, which is there mentioned, and without a doubt, alas, by paying a cancellation fee.

It was never too much advice to you not to accept this clause providing you charge a cancellation fee.

The mandate of property management shall determine the remuneration of the managing real estate. It takes on average between 8 % and 15 % of annual rent excluding taxes, which are in addition to your support mandatory 20% for VAT. Very, very expensive! This is not finished. More surprisingly, The professional responsible for the property management of your property also apply the same fees for the work done in the accommodation.

Attention. Delegating the rental management to a professional is not all-risk insurance. Do not let go of the bridle, keep an eye, and react to the slightest delay or negligence. If he is very greedy or careless in the performance of his tasks, quit but respecting the forms laid down in the mandate of rental management

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