Tesla, there is electricity in the air

Bad luck for the electric car manufacturer TESLA who plunged on the stock market but also for Elon Musk whose media star has faded. In “The Story”, the current affairs podcast of the “Echos”, Pierrick Fay and his guests return to the torments of Tesla and his boss.

Elon Musk booed. The scene took place in mid-December on the set of an American show. And she was totally unusual. The media personality, a disruptor of the industry, was used to being praised for his successes. The episode is irritating but it may not be the greatest of the current torments of the ex-richest man in the world.

Tesla’s stock has lost almost three-quarters of its value since it reached its record high in November 2021, which made the fat sprouts of short sellers. They took revenge on this star of the Stock market by pocketing $ 17 billion thanks to the fall of Tesla stock. While Elon Musk was entangled in the tumultuous takeover of Twitter, for which he pledged part of his shares in his automotive flagship.

Price war in Europe for tesla

After a year of rising raw material costs, Tesla is now launching a price war in Europe. The electric manufacturer announces significant reductions on its cars. The discounts reach 3,000 euros on the Model Y and up to 8,500 euros for the Model 3. Two flagship vehicles of the European market. This puts the competition of the Old Continent in the face of the obligation to respond.

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