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The renewal of the contract of insurance auto

The renewal of auto insurance automatically on the anniversary date of the signing of the contract. When you receive the renewal notice sent by the insurer 30 days prior to the anniversary date of the contract, you have the right to send a cancellation request if you wish.

On the anniversary date of the contract, the insured may elect to renew or cancel your car insurance. Before making a decision, check out the following information.

Renewal by tacit agreement

The tacit agreement is a system designed to facilitate the management of the auto insurance policy. If you wish to renew your contract, simply do not respond to the notification that you receive 30 days before the due date. If your insurer does not meet this legal obligation, be aware that the date of the tacit agreement is the date of the signature or of the taking of effect of car insurance, you have the right to cancel or amend your contract as soon as you remember.

Change the terms of its contract

If, in the course of the year, your needs have changed (adding a secondary driver, replacing the contract with the risk for liability or a contract, intermediate, etc) and you want to fit the guarantees of your auto insurance, this is the time to request a quote. Enter a registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt and any new warranties in which you are interested. To know if the offer you receive is of interest, use a comparator at the line: “you will know the rates charged on the market.

Please do not hesitate to negotiate with your insurer to recall your business and your assets. If it makes no commercial gesture, ask for quotes from service providers who displayed the lowest prices for the level of coverage desired.

The termination of the contract of insurance auto

There are several reasons which allow you to cancel your auto insurance. On the anniversary date of the signing of the contract, if the rates of your insurance, compensation, or allowances that they impose on you no longer agree with, you have the right to request the termination.

Note that your insurance company may also elect not to renew your auto insurance if your loss ratio is too high, or if you have not paid premiums. At that time, it must notify you by sending a notice of non-renewal.

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