Visa fees to work in the United States are likely to increase

Bad news for all those who aspire to work in the United States. Visa fees are expected to increase, according to the Wall Street Journal, relayed by The International Courier, on Monday, January 16, 2023. In addition, it should not be a small surplus. Thus, it will be necessary to pay 438 euros against 1,486 euros so far to obtain an H-1B visa. The latter is necessary for highly qualified jobs. Likewise, the visa ends at 428 euros to transfer office managers from abroad to the United States. It will now be necessary to pay a payment of 1,850 euros.

Investors are not going to be spared by these increases. The cost of applying for the EB-5 visa will now cost 10,401 euros compared to 3,425 euros until then. The latter allows foreign investors to become permanent residents of the United States. They will still have to invest at least $900,000 in a project based in the country to be eligible.

The Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) explained these increases in a statement. Recalling that this is the first increase since 2016, they claimed that these fees represent 96% of the budget. And to clarify: “The new fees would allow USCIS to cover its operating costs more completely, to restore and maintain the processing of cases in a timely manner, and to prevent the accumulation of delays.”According to the spokeswoman of the American association of immigration lawyers, Shev Dalal-Dheini, this increase could well have consequences for the employment of foreign workers. “These measures could exclude people from the system,” she assured.

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