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Why purchase travel insurance for a stay abroad ?

Travel and tourism announce new spaces, different, promising well-being, and thrills. But, as exciting as they are, these promises also lead to a whole world of new risks. Travel insurance is the way to cope in the event of a problem.

By definition, a travel insurance account with a series of guarantees to cover you from the consequences of incidents that may occur before and during your travels, trips, and stays abroad.



  • The cancellation of the trip
  • Theft, loss, or destruction of your baggage and personal belongings
  • The medical care and hospitalization
  • Repatriation assistance, due to illness or an accident that occurred on-site
  • The reimbursement of legal costs and the advance of bail abroad
  • Civil liability abroad
  • The death or disability due to an accident
  • Return prematurely due to a serious injury of a close friend who stayed in France

The above warranties are those that are found most often in travel insurance, but there are also special guarantees for specific situations. We’ll talk about this in another section.

**Why travel insurance for a stay abroad?

In a foreign country, the hitch can become a carrier of considerable problems, in a mixture of stress and a feeling of powerlessness :

  • a disease in a remote village in central Asia,
  • of lost luggage at an airport at the other end of the world,
  • the unfortunate death of a close family member in your home country,
  • an accident in a luxury department store that leads to property damage,

And many other situations, it reassures itself by thinking of the travel insurance that you purchased before you go!

In fact, as soon as one leaves France, and especially the EU, for a trip, it is always a good idea to purchase international insurance that guarantees a possible trip cancellation, medical emergency, repatriation, health-in shortage, everything that, to the stranger, quickly becomes a concern.

That should cover travel insurance.

The answer to the above question depends on the type of trip, the destination, the activities that will be performed on-site, as well as other factors, but travel insurance must at least cover you in three major areas: medical expenses, assistance, and civil liability.

Medical expenses: diseases and accidents cannot be predicted. Abroad, medical care of a good level is not only paid, but in some countries, they are very expensive. A good travel health insurance should give you access to structures and care that are equivalent to those we have in France and cover the costs.

Assistance: in case of a serious health problem in some regions of the world, you may not have access to medical facilities to a level comparable to the health care systems in Europe. In such a case, the better solution for health care is a transfer or repatriation.

The assistance included in travel insurance normally covers not only the sanitary transfer or repatriation. It is often found benefits that guarantee the presence of a relative in case of hospitalization abroad, the expenses derived from early return fees, research, legal assistance, and other risks.

Civil liability: accidents that result in injury or equipment damage may also occur, and the bill of repairs can be very high. If you can not cope, this can in turn take you to jail. In France, liability insurance is almost “mandatory” when one goes abroad we must have the same reflex.

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