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Winterizing a camper: how to properly prepare it before the winter?

The summer has come to an end and for many motorhomes, it will soon be time to winterize their vehicle in their garage until spring. Before storing a camping car, some precautions are necessary to limit the risk of degradation. How to prepare an RV for the winter? What actions are needed? All the advice to follow before the wintering of your motorhome.

Prepare his motorhome for the winter: the precautions to be taken

Preparing his RV for the winter requires the completion of several tasks.

Empty the camper

Preparing his RV for the winter should begin with the débarrassage of it, and particularly of the food that could expire, rot and/or attract insects or animals. The fridge and cupboards should therefore be carefully examined and cleared.

Remember also to remove the sheets and other covers of the cushions, and put the mattress dry to prevent mold. If you do not have a storage space suitable for the mattress, you can raise the wood slightly with wedges.

Empty the tanks

The water reserves are non-empty (clean water and wastewater) and are likely to freeze during the winter. A drain is therefore essential before winterizing the camper. In addition, it will also be necessary to drain the water heater (a latch is generally expected) and drain the pipes. For this last task, you can simply open all faucets to drain out the water trapped in the pipes.

Good to know

There is products antifreeze so-called “food” for the water reservoirs. These can be used to reduce the risk of freezing if the water remains in the tank.

Clean camping-car

Camping-car must undergo a thorough cleaning before being stored. Nothing must be left to chance. Think as well :

  • in the refrigerator, which will then have to stay open during the winter to avoid the bad smell,
  • the water tanks,
  • the cabinets, which will have to be left open for proper ventilation,
  • the chemical TOILET, which requires complete disinfection,
  • in the body, including the roof, to prevent premature degradation of the paint,
  • to the wheels. They need to be cleaned to remove all traces of mud.

Fill the fuel tank

The fuel tank must be completely filled in before winterizing the camper. This limits the risk of the formation of condensation. This last may in fact contribute to the degradation of the quality of the fuel.

Disconnect the batteries

The batteries must be disconnected and secured so that they can function optimally when the camping car is out of the garage. Keep storage areas dry and not subject to moisture.

Open the skylights

In order to preserve the joints and prevent them from sticking, it is recommended to open slightly skylights (when possible). This also helps to ensure that the campervan will be ventilated during the winter.

Also, remember to leave the blinds open in order to preserve the springs. Indeed, they may be damaged when they are called upon for too long.

Take care of the tires

The tires also require some care.

  • Properly inflate the tires

The extended shutdown of a motorhome can lead to the deformation of the tires. The inflation of the tires on the RV before the wintering helps to avoid this phenomenon. To know the maximum pressure that can be supported by the tires, refer to the manufacturer’s recommendations.

  • Elevate the camping-car

The motorhome can be raised on 4 candles or placed on shims rounded in order to preserve the tires. To avoid any incident, however, we need to ensure that the ground is flat.

Good to know

It is recommended to move his car camping at least once per month during the winter.

Leave the parking brake released

The hand brakes are fragile. Let the RV loosen so that it does not crash because of the freeze. The jaws can be stuck and damage the brake system.

Put his motorhome in the shelter

That said winterizing a camper said shelter. It is possible to store his vehicle :

  • in his garage
  • under shelter
  • in a professional specialized in security guards, in exchange for a payment

If you do not have a shelter suitable for your motorhome, and guarding is not possible, cover a minimum of the vehicle with a tarp. In order to facilitate its handling, you can choose side zippers. A system of straps is also needed to ensure that the cover will not move.

If winterizing your RV is not in the program…

Summer or winter, do you like to use your RV to walk the roads and no wintering is not expected? Some precautions are needed all the same, namely :

  • Cleaning the heating system

This includes the cleaning of the grids and ventilation system, to ensure that the airflow is not impacted.

  • Build snow tires

Snow tires are essential for borrowing snowy roads because they optimize the grip on the ground. It is also necessary to think of drag chains in the trunk of his car.

  • Well-equip

Snow tires and chains are not the only facilities that it is necessary to think of in the winter. To cope with the small problems, plan a snow shovel, a headlamp, the charging cables to the battery, a squeegee for the windshield, a jack, and gloves.

Adhering to these tips will help you avoid surprises and to maximize the life of your camper.

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