With the purchase of blujay solutions, E2open is expanding its portfolio of logistics

Last September, the publisher E2open acquired BluJay Solutions, extending a little more the topics covered by its cloud platform for the supply chain management. A range presented by the company at the Supply Chain Event.

Cloud platform application at the destination of the supply chain and transport, the editor e2open fabric for several years its offerings via strategic acquisitions in the sector, the number of a dozen conducted in the past five years. In 2019, it was the Amber Road, and management solutions in international trade, which had been acquired by E2open. And last September, it is the company BluJay Solutions, a specialist in logistics and global trade management, which is placed in the lap of E2open.

With an ambition for the company:” We wish to address the supply chain end-to-end, from the upstream portion to the execution of the last mile, as well as on the physical plane – manufacture, transport, deliver, and the logic – connect and exchange information or regulation. Our solutions are tailored for manufacturers, distributors, and stakeholders of the supply chain management and logistics will perform the physical operations… “, explains Jean-Christophe Didier, director of sales at E2open. A global organization that is connected by a central component of the name of E2net, a data network that connects hundreds of thousands of entities in the world, promoting interoperability and collaboration.

This allows us to deliver solutions that are spot on to a domain, or transverse in a logical platform, to meet the needs of global enterprises, regardless of the regions or activities. It is a logical federative that provides our customers use the modules they need on the platform “says Jean-Christophe Didier.

A facilitator for the supply chain

Directed primarily to the needs of international companies with supply chains global, E2open can provide value at each stage of the supply chain, planning or demand sensing, as well as in the execution. ” The acquisition of BluJay Solutions has helped expand our offer to international transport, particularly on the issues of customs. This tool automates the process by retrieving the relevant data via smart applications, connected to a global network of actors.

It is, therefore, a facilitator for the supply chain “judge Nicholas Ethevenin, VP of product management at E2open. An asset in international trade, sometimes forced, with the need to retrieve the right data for customs declarations, forecasts, or lift alerts. ” When you connect everything together, you can better serve your customer and maximize your cash flow, “says Nicolas Thevenin. This strategy is in action at major international groups, such as Philip Morris International in the field of tobacco, which appealed to the solutions E2open to drive the transformation of its business to a portfolio of smokeless products, such as heated tobacco products, or the products of vaping, with a strategy, direct to consumer.

This evolution has changed the way in which the group has spoken to its client, and led to the establishment of new supply chains and product lines. This has changed their methods of planning, forecasting, and distribution, through execution is more direct, with deliveries BtoC that had previously not existed. We have been the partner of reference for their transformation “says Jean-Christophe Didier. A customer case to the extent of the ambition of the company: to provide a supply application, is the most comprehensive for the entire supply chain.


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